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in his second term of office. >> barack obama has an interesting biography from a black father and white mother. he spent most of his yuse in indonesia or hawaii and has a natural understanding of the asia pacific region. in this regard he represents a new america. >> but what does that new america look like? we take a drive north of the white house along 14th street to an area populated by hispanic migrants. immigration is another key issue for obama's second term. >> the obama white house will introduce a major piece of reform legislation on immigration. the problem is that it almost that's deal with what is sometimed called amnesty, legalizing people who are already in this country illegally. that is highly controversial, not just for republicans. >> there is much to do for president obama. and the countdown is on. he has just four more years in was to seal his legacy. >> just about 700,000 people turned out to ring in obama's new term, way down compared to the 1.8 million to turn out four years ago. >> clearly the excitement does not compare to the first term. what about here in euro
: they wowed the crowd at the inaugural balls. president obama in white tie but first lady michelle obama in a ruby red gown by jason wu. this was the ball for the military. >> i have no greater honor than being your commander in chief. >> reporter: it had been an obama family day. malia and sasha, dad and mom. as america paid tribute. an inaugural parade that showed off the nation's talent and diversity. >> i, barack hussein obama, do solemnly swear. >> reporter: the presidential's ceremonial swearing-in witnessed by as many as 1 million people. >> congratulations, mr. obama. >> reporter: mr. obama urged cooperation, rare now in washington, to cut health care costs and the deficit. >> but we reject the belief that america must choose between caring for the generation that built this country and investing in the generation that will buildi its future. >> reporter: we can make progress, he said, on immigration, gay rights, climate change and school safety. a night to remember for the obamas and for the nation that re-elected the president. i'm steve handelsman, nbc news, washington. >>> pr
in the economic debates inside the first obama white house that concern about the market, concern about the stability of the financial system trumped a lot of other concerns and a lot of the policy that came out of that first year of debates about how to deal with the lessons of the financial crisis tilted more in the direction of maintaining the stability in the banking system rather than punishing anybody or trying to root out the causes of what went on. even now, five, six-years on, the to what went wrong on wall street, we are still getting to the bottom of the was responsible for mortgages and so forth. obama's appointment -- nomination of jack lew to the treasury secretary -- it is hard to read anything into that too much one way or another he worked briefly for citigroup. he has otherwise been a pretty liberal democrat for most of his career, a guy who started out working on the hill for tip o'neill, many republicans don't like him because they feel he is too liberal. obama only mentioned this in passing yester day but the tenor of his remarks did not suggest any great sympathy a
." he already took the oath yesterday at the white house! by taking it again today, obama has made himself a three-term president serving the second two terms consecutively. now to get rid of him we have to impeach him twice oh, clever girl. [ laughter ] and besides, it's his second inaugural. why the celebration? he's already president. you don't see the rest of america throwing a party when they continue to do their jobs. [ laughter ] i'll admit, i was swept up four years ago, i was moved by the first black president. [ laughter ] but come on, a second inaugural is like people who renew their wedding vows. we get it, you're married! i'm not buying you another salad bowl. [ laughter ] because nothing, nothing we give obama is going to be enough to satisfy this man's greed. look at how he swoar in. >> president obama will actually use three different bibles. on sunday, for the official swearing in, he will use the robinson family bible. on monday for the public inauguration, he will use the lincoln bible and martin luther king, jr.'s, traveling bible. >> stephen: that's a freaky b
court and this white house, particularly under the principles that obama enunciated yesterday. host: oregon, democratic color. caller: there is no way there is going to stop the gun control. why don't they do like johnson did. they built fences around every wrecking yard and scrap yard and junkyard in america on the highways. they build all these fences around every school where nobody can see in, and if they put somebody there at the gates like they did in the airports and things like that. host: the nra bought it up. guest: they were highly criticized for that press conference a few weeks ago. again, a difference in opinion on how we should go about making schools safer. from the democratic perspective, the fewer guns, the less likely that there will be violent and dangers in our schools. from the gun control opponents, people who do not want to see restrictions, they should be about keeping the schools safer from a person who is mentally unbalanced, marching in with their weapons. and there is controversy about that. you heard obama speak about this a couple weeks ago when he lai
that are still with us today. that is where he was at the end of his life. tavis: you recall when obama first ran in 2008 for the white house. every black person i know, basically, was wearing a t-shirt or a hat or a button or something that had a picture of obama and came on it. so many people saw barack obama then and today, many people still see him as the fulfillment of dr. king's dream. i never liked that phrase. i think he is a good down payment, but he is not the fulfillment of it. i raise that only ask, particularly inside of black america, what you think of the journey the president has had to walk so far, being paralleled in the black community to dr. king. there is a bust he has of dr. king sitting in the oval office. even he is aware of that relationship. talk about how he has walked the line of the king legacy. >> i think that we have to give him credit for trying to do the things that he can do in a race- neutral way. the passage of the health reform bill is enormously important for poor people in this country. some of the job stimulus programs, some of the money that was put into r
>> the inaugural parade was a pageant. colorful floats and talented bands. and leading the way were the obama's who walked part of the way to the white house. for a second term. >> a senior republican said here, by his remarks, president obama, at least in republican hoped, had opened the door to more cooperation. live from washington. now back to you. >> steve, you covered many inaugurations before, what stood out to you about this one? >> the obama family is so cute, i have to tell you that. take the politics and the take bands, put it all aside, now i'm a father of two daughters and i'm a bit prejudice bus they are adorable and so are the adults when they are interacting, it's heartwarming. >> it's great to see them all together today. the girls are growing up in front of our eyes. >> thank you so much. steve. >> several political pundits said that the president spoke with a new swagger. like someone who does not need to seek re-election. that part is true. >> he is feeling good, he feels like he has the republicans agenda. he did speak with a little bit more of an attitude, if you will, today.
. the poem is independent of the performance of barack obama in the white house. it's independent of forces and circumstances that i could not possibly foresee or predict when i wrote the poem. the poem is about transcendence of the historical moment. it was triggered by a very specific historical moment. but it seeks to transcend the historical moment, because this is very much about breaking away from take-it-for-granted realities. >> take-it-for-granted reality? >> yes. >> which is? >> that the world is as we see it and it always will be. and poets have been saying this for centuries. poets have been trying to get across this message in one form or another. william blake, the great english poet wrote in one of his proverbs "what is now proved was once only imagined." >> and of course, they thought of him as a madman, you know that. >> absolutely. >> william blake. >> absolutely. >> what do you take that to mean? >> i take it to mean that all we have to do is look at history to see that things change. and we cannot possibly imagine at the moment of our existence how they will change. we h
. >> one of the reasons i supported president obama was i did not want to see larry summers in the white house. [laughter] with hillary clinton, until the end of her campaign, there was not a sense of how she could bring her history to bear. it was very much a restoration ist campaign. he fell if you are going to get the clinton administration part 3. -- you felt as if you were going to get the clinton administration part 3. if you feel it was such a crisis and panic at that time as many say it was coming out of the calamitous bush administration into the tar, bringing in a team of rivals as obama talked about, all you had was larry summers and tim geithner. both of them have their control over the policies that led to the crisis. in my mind, that opened the door to the tea party. it opened the door to right-wing populism. people saw in this white house favoritism towards goldman sachs and the banks. the problem was the left populism has not emerged until now. for too long, many felt with the bomb in the white house that things would be sorted out. that is where movements become importan
to the white house for a second term. senior republicans say they hope president obama has opened the door today to more cooperation on capitol hill. live from the white house, i'm steve handelsman, nbc bay area news. >>> okay, steve, thank you. our political analyst larry gerston is in washington tonight. we chatted with him a short while ago about the significance of the day and night. i'm guessing this is going to be brief, you're heading out to the inaugural balls. who really is part of the balls tonight? >> reporter: there are two major balls tonight. one is the military ball honoring all of those folks in uniform and anyone in uniform can get into that ball. it's a big deal for that reason and the president will spend some time there. then at the convention center right below the inaugural ball and it will be divided into four parts depending upon what kind of ticket you have but the president expected to stop in all the different areas and his wife, of course. spend some time with folks. tremendous entertainment all night long. i think it goes until 1:00 or 2:00 in the morning and s
president obama and the first lady took the traditional walk down pennsylvania avenue to the white house and to her second term. some waits houred. >> i breathe the air that obama breathes so it was worth it. >> reporter: the president took the oath of office just after noon today before a crowd that filled the national mall as far as the eye could see. mr.obama spoke about a nation on the mend. >> a decade of war is now ending. an economic recovery has begun. >> reporter: the president said this country will respond to the threat of climate change. >> some may still deny the overwhelming challenge of science but no one can avoid the crippling fire, droughts and more powerful storms. >> reporter: speaking on martin luther king day president obama made history by using the word gay and saying that -- the president, vice president and families at journaled for the congressional lunch before the walk . >> i'm very encouraged. >> reporter: in of the people we talked to today in the crowd said this felt like a very different experience than the inauguration four years ago. coming up we'll tel
continuing to the parade. the obamas walked part of the route to the white house, then took their place in the reviewing stand. president obama talked about gun control, social security, gay rights. these are issues that he addressed throughout the campaign. so definitely taking an aggressive stance on some of those issues and urging republicans or congress in general to join him and unify over some of those really tough issues. one thing we always love to watch when it comes to inauguration is, of course, the fashion. michelle obama certainly made it well worth it tonight at the inaugural ball ceremony. she came out wearing a designer you might recognize, jason wu. that dress showed off her toned arms. it was just stunning, a ruby velvet and chiffon dress and again made by the same guy who created the white dress that she wore at the 2009 inauguration. we also saw the first lady in a navy silk checked pattern and coat dress by thom browne with a belt from j crew. she loves to mix it up with high low along with a necklace by kathy waterson. her --
, for good reason, the church of the president, st. john's across the street from the white house. across washington, hundreds of thousands of people were already beginning to gather on the national mall. as the obamas left church, choirs performed at the capitol for the early arrivals ♪ ♪ this land was made for you and me ♪ >> back at the white house and following tradition, the president hosted congressional leaders for coffee. ♪ while across town on the inaugural stand, distinguished guests took their places. the justices of the supreme court, former president and mrs. carter, former president and secretary clinton. at mid morning, the presidential procession left the white house and made its the way to the capitol. a journey of just under two miles, though the political distance lately has been much greater. >> thank you. i miss this place. >> at the capitol, the assembled crowd got its first glimpse of the obama family. daughters, malia and sasha, everyone remarking at once how much they have grown since this same event four years ago. then first lady michelle obama. and fina
of the americans who eventually died in exchange for two terror suspects. but the white house rejected that offer. >>> president obama is back at work today. he laid out some ambitious goals in the inaugural speech yesterday but as cbs reporter randall pinkston reports the republicans are back to work today resisting the president's agenda. >> reporter: president obama started the day at church. he attended the inaugural national prayer service a tradition that dates back to the days of george washington. after the event, he dives into the work of his second term. the president outlined an ambitious agenda during his inaugural address. >> now, more than ever, we must do these things together. as one nation and one people. >> reporter: he plans to tackle some of the most contentious issues of the day. including gun control, climate change, and immigration. >> comprehensive immigration reform like so many of issues that he talked about yesterday is something that we can unite behind, that we can come together to act on. >> reporter: republicans on cap
as the motorcade approached the white house reviewing stand. at each stop the obamas and then the bidens were greeted by screaming and waving crowds. the first family then took their places in a specially constructed viewing box to watch the parade of bands and dancers stream past. as in 2009, the marching band from hawaii was there. president obama attended the school from 1971-1979. displays from the president's home state of hawaii and from illinois the state he represented in the u.s. senate. and for the first family after a long day of pomp and circumstance, a night of inaugural balls lay ahead. test inn year the president and first lady are attending two, the command never chief ball and inaugural ball both at the washington convention center. a few minutes ago the president thanked members of the armed services and their families for their sacrifice and service. and then he introduced his wife michelle. >> ladies and gentlemen, my better half, and my dance partner, michelle obama! >> and now please welcome grammy and academy award winner jennifer hudson. ♪ ♪ let's stay together
the inauguration day and the bands are still playing as they make their way to the white house to be reviewed by president obama, and joining me here above the mall,, laura, thank you very much. we talked about how the crowds weren't as big, without the excitement that was there in 2009, that was gone but did you find them excited? -- >> the excitement was replaced with something different, but a more solid pride that this is a historic achievement, the nation's first african-american president reelected with a majority of the popular vote. this was the sense that people wanted to be part of. african-americans returned to vote in the selection in higher numbers than 2008. it was an extraordinarily proud day and how awful it would of been if he had not been reelected. -- >> this is like a microcosm of the constituencies that came out in force. watching the president being sworn in on the big screen at the mall, and the tears coming down his face because this was a moment for him -- not just the election but the real action, he was reelected because he ran on his record, and you can be watching
. >> the obama family celebrating a second term in the white house. the numbers might not give us reason to celebrate. presidential historian is going to take a look for us. flush ♪ [ wind howls ] [ dog barks ] ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] something powerful is coming. ♪ see it on february 3rd. ♪ >> good morning to you. it is 26 after the hour. a former teacher picking bill ayers to give the keynote speech. he will give the conference. he admitted to taking part in the bombing of the pentagon in the 70's. >> his wife says a new report coming out of that country claims her husband has been released but that is not true. the pastor has been locked up since september for his christian beliefs. his trial started yesterday. ainsley? >> the celebration is now over it is time for the president to get to work. compared to other two term presidents where does president obama stand at the start of his second term? our presidential historian is here. >> good to sea you. let's talk about unemployment. where does he stand in 2009 compared to now. >> he started at 7.8 percent which is where we are
, we will tell you about that straight ahead. . >>> president barack obama will be back at the white house this morning. he will begin his second -- he will begin his second term and the president called for unity in meeting the challenges facing the country oakland police are searching for two suspects wanted for a shooting by an uncover officer. -- undercover officer. the officer was shot in the arm and a third suspect was wanted last night. >>> they are all being put on to airlines and it comes after 787s were grounded because of safety concerns. it will be tuesday before the latest will be operational once again. >>> ktvu channel 2 morning news' tara moriarty tells us all four victims are teens, tara? >> reporter: a next door neighbor said there are two middle school aged boys that are always playing soccer out in the yard and they have never given her any problems so she is shocked by a driveby shooting which happened and you can see the bullet holes, it happened last night at 6:00 and investigators say somebody shot four people ranging in age from 13 to 16 and they were all ser
and the officer was hit in the arm and third is expected to survive. >>> president barack obama will be back at the white house and he will begin his second term in office after attending prayer service. he called for unity in meeting the challenges facing the country. it comes after the 77 dream liners were grounded over safety concerns. some passengers are being put on to airline flights instead and the airline says it will not be until tuesday at the earlier flights could be operational. >>> several are injured after a strong earthquake rocked western indonesia. it hit the province overnight and an after shock came 20 minutes later. a young girl was found dead in her home buried under rubble. another earthquake hit the area triggering a tsunami killing 23 4,000 people. >>> the fire started yesterday afternoon in a civil engineering building. one person was inside and hundreds of people normally would have been working in the building. the cause of that fewer is still under investigation. >>> he is responsible for killing his family. police say he shot and killed his wife and young son bef
it when we need to. glad we're not facing a crisis here in a matter of a few days. >> at the white house, jay carney signaled president obama would sign it. >> it still has toover come concerns expressed by member of the hus and the senate before it passes both chambers to reach the president's desk. if it does and it reaches the president's desk, he would not stand in the way of bill becoming law. >> so it appears that pressure is building on senator reid to act. meanwhile late today, sources say speaker boehner told g.o.p. members behind closed dors the house budget chairman paul ryan is working on a budget plan that would balance within ten years. boehner says he applauds that goal and shares it. >> bret: mike emanuel live on the hill. thank you. more than 24 hours after promising to respond to the threat of climate change, president obama has something else to respond to tonight. nebraska's governor approved a new route for the controversial keystone oil pipeline to put the ball scarily in the president's court. chief white house correspondent ed henry tells us that is one issue gett
. >> susie: the white house says president obama won't "stand in the way" of the short-term increase in the debt ceiling that's been proposed by house republicans. the move to extend the nation's borrowing limit for three months is set to come to a vote tomorrow. and that news has reassured markets that the risk is fading that the u.s. will default on its debt for the first time in its history. darren gersh reports. >> reporter: house speaker john boehner said republicans were willing to suspend the debt ceiling for three months. sending democrats to act. >> it has been nearly four years since the senate has done a budget. most americans believe you don't do your job, you shouldn't get paid. that's the basis. no budget; no pay. it is time for the senate to act. >> reporter: the white house called the move by house republicans "significant," though the administration still argues a short-term extension of borrowing authority does not go far enough. >> what we support is a long- term raising of the debt ceiling so that we don't have any doubt or uncertainty for businesses or the global
for the next four years? also, house leadership on the debt ceiling, what's the next move there? former white house economic adviser todd buckles will be with us. thank you fowatching. see you right back here tomorrow. have a good nigh ♪ lou: good evening, everyone. president obama today delivered his second and final inauguration speech in front of an estimated crowd of a million people. nearly half of the 1.8 million who saw the president's swearing in back in 2009. president obama marking the occasion, pushing the liberal concept of more government taking campaign style jabs at his political opponents all the while. >> progress is not compel us to settle, century's long debates about the role of government for all time, but it does require us to act in our time. [applause] for now, decisions are upon us. we can want afford delay. we can want mistake absolutism for principle. substitute speck tack kl for politics or treat name calling for reasoned debate. [applause] we must act. we must act knowing that our work will be unperfect. we must act knowing that today's victoryings will -- victo
's role is very important. as president obama said, women's role is often overlooked in our society. -- the white lady, brought us from sros on the -- the beautiful -- [indiscernible] woman. i think it is time for san francisco to have change. ms. cohen and ms. kim would be great. there will be other jobs and positions for those who have served. today san francisco is calling for somebody to wear the righ t heels correctly. i'm here to cheer you on to take san francisco ahead; let's get on with this new year. bye. female president of the board of supervisors. >> next speaker. >> good afternoon board and everyone assembled. -- student trustee at city college of san francisco [indiscernible] and the advisory committee that starts tomorrow. folks of district 11, district 7, we need improvements in that area. i think it is really a great day in san francisco when you have three leaders the very wreck nice for doing great community work here in san francisco, i know david and jane closely; i don't know malia as closely. i see you out in the community. i am happy that you three ha
. >> there will be one more party tonight, the obamas and friends celebrate with campaign and white house staffers at inaugural ball where supposedly lady gaga is performing. >> the president is sworn in on two bibles one from martin luther king and the other from abraham lincoln. traffic and weather, together, next on the abc7 morning news. here is the golden gate bridge, dry as a bone. but maybe, maybe, maybe there is rain in the forecast. >> and a deal to sell sacramento kings so they can move to seattle. the ripple effect that >> welcome back, almost everyone is just a bit warmer than yesterday so we do not have as frost. 32 at concord and fairfield is 31. upper 30's around the bay to 40 in oak and 47 in san francisco. this afternoon, low-to-mid 60's with filtered sunshine because of the high clouds. we have scattered light showers in the forecast tomorrow. cooler temperatures but dry for thursday and friday. sue? >> back to the san mateo area, c.h.p. is confirming to us there are two separate accidents, northbound 101, that accident is in the last lane. and another accident at peninsula, in t
. the politics and the policy here. the white house is not giving te tails on how president obama plans to fulfill the promises he made in the inaugust ration speech monday. but he will get an opportunity to rule on the controversial keystone xl oil pipeline. the governor of nebraska approved the new proposed route. this is the 40th anniversary of the roe v. wade decision that legalized abortion. we will get a status report on the four-decade long battle. plus a preview of secretary clinton's testimony on benghazi tomorrow and where the survivors of the terrorist attack. "special report" from washington starts at 6:00 eastern. now back to my colleagues at "the five." ♪ ♪ >> dana: most of us know him as prince harry. in the military and at greg's house they call him captain wham. third in line for the british throne returned from 20-week deployment to afghanistan. talked to reporters before leaving and asked about fighting the taliban. >> you have and you will kill the enemy? >> yeah. lots of people have. you know, they have been out here. everyone fired a certain amount. probably a
got out of his limo and well and made the day of a young constituent.back a back at the white house, therst fami president and the first family reviewed the inaugural parade with bands, float, and marchers representing every state in the union. and this evening, the obamas are attending two inaugural balls. we have a team of cbs news correspondents covering this inauguration. first, major garrett at the wh white house with more about theaddr address and the four years ahead. major? >> reporter: scott, president obama knows the debate over deficit reduction and entitlement programs like medicare, medicaid and social security is straight obama mr. obama used today's speech to tell skeptical republicans that these three pillars of the great society must remain. >> we, the people, still believe that every citizen deserves a basic measure of security and dignity. we must make the hard choices toh care reduce the cost of health care an and the size of our deficit. (applause) but we reject the belief that america must choose the belief between caring about the generation that bui
. on a relatively mild and blue sky day president obama and the first lady took the traditional walk down pennsylvania avenue to the white house and to her second term. some waits houred. >> i breathe the air that obama breathes so it was worth it. >> reporter: the president took the oath of office just after noon today before a crowd that filled the national mall as far as the eye could see. mr.obama spoke about a nation on the mend. >> a decade of war is now ending. an economic recovery has begun. >> reporter: the president said this country will respond to the threat of climate change. >> some may still deny the overwhelming challenge of science but no one can avoid the crippling fire, droughts and more powerful storms. >> reporter: speaking on martin luther king day president obama made history by using the word gay and saying that -- the president, vice president and families at journaled for the congressional lunch before the walk . >> i'm very encouraged. >> reporter: in of the people we talked to today in the crowd said this felt like a very different experience than the inaugurat
the essence of the obama administration across foreign policy process is a centrally run process out of the white house by the national security advisor, by the president, the vice president. i think you will see more of that, so we will see more of the same, with a few exceptions. >> is stepping back approach, and you think that is going to be showing in mali and syria? we are likely -- unlikely to see the u.s. taking the lead in those conflicts? >> i am worried. we had china and japan increasingly competitive with potential conflicts with territorial disputes in the south china sea. we had india and pakistan. we had new instability in northern africa. we have syria. we have a number of crises potentially multiplying, but i do not see a different or strong or old set of initiatives from the u.s. i hope so. ink tv. >> hello, the top stories. troops have retaken two central towns from rebel groups. the government extended the state of emergency by three months. soldiers in retreat briefly seized the information ministry. they have reportedly called on the government to pass a draft co
the white house. the president goes from the white house then to the capitol, then he is sworn in at the capitol on the west front. and that is the spot from which president obama today delivered his second inaugural address. well will have much more on all of that coming up this hour. but here is the moment from today. the moment that i want to show you was not part of the official program. it was not on anybody's schedule. we did not know it was coming, and it was not spoken into any microphone. so i'm just going to play this for you for a second. but notice it's going to be a little weirder than usually expect on cable. there is no official sound here. so it's going to be quiet for just a second. but just watch. watch the president. this is after he had just finished his inaugural address. there had been the poem and the benediction and the national anthem. and he and everybody else in the presidential inauguration platform are leaving to file back into the capitol. and at that moment, the president stops and turns around to look at this sight. he stops and turns around as p
then she stepped out on stage in a white dress by the then little known designer. his career skyrocketed. >> any time mrs. obama wears one of your designs a fashion designer ascends. it doesn't happen with any first lady but it happens with mrs. obama. >> reporter: from behind it was all about that sexy low back. but from the front, check out those bangs. >> i believe the bangs are a metaphor and it sends a very striking sound and symbol and i think she looks wonderful. >> reporter: call it michelle 2.0. her first four years made her a style i con. >> it has changed the game for women in america. you can dress on a budget. >> reporter: of course tonight's dress was hardly a bargain. but the ball goers approved on the splurge. >> what do you think of the cress? >> amazing. >> beautiful. >> stunning. >> reporter: they didn't look bad themselves. this is after all washington's biggest night out. a chance for these die-hard democrats to break out their best bling. but what is a girl to do if she has a fashion emergency smack in the heart of the nation's capital? designer room service of cour
to escape and call police. the suspects fled in a newer gray or white s-u-v. police have yet to confirm whether all three incidents are related. (singing.."obama's on fire") bear grimalicia keyes singing here.president obama has ended a long day of formal inaugural events. with lighter festivities. mister obama and the first lady danced three times at the official balls at the washington convention center. the president took the oath of office in front of hundreds of thousands of people. on the steps of the u-s capitol today. tory dunnan has a look at the day's events -- including president obama's much anticipated inaugural address. >> reporter: the music is playing and the champagne is flowing in our nation's capital. thousands of people are attending inaugural balls-- culminating the two-day inauguration of president barack obama. >> "today we experienced the majesty of our democracy." >> reporter: earlier today, he made it >> "so help you god?" >> "so help me god." >> "congratulations mr. president." >> reporter: following up sunday's private oath of office with a very public one. c
and will president obama do it? the answer straight ahead. that's next, and also lawmakers slamming president obama's speech. what do they say they left out. is there any hope of the white house and congress working together? a panel freshman congressman here to talk about it. and usually the people talk about what the first lady wears at the inauguration. and the talk of the hat that is settititititititi >> health care costs, taxes, regulations, all worries for small businesses. what do business owners expect to see from president obama in the next four years. from a technology company joins us, nice to see you, nick. >> thank you greta for having me back. >> greta: what do you expect from the president and what would you like in the next four years. >> i'd like lower taxes and regulations, but i don't expect that from this administration. it was an interesting new year's eve when the small businesses owner across the country and we kept one eye on the ball on times square coming down and another on the reports coming from washington, what the negotiations were for the fiscal cliff. and when we r
's signature michelle obama, buying designer clothes but also way from the white house to find bargains at target. >> she's the people's people. she mixes high end with low end. she shops at target. i love target. the things she wears from j. crew, white house black market things everyday people can afford. >> and it was interesting to see her mix the j. crew belt and the j. crew gloves. what about malia and sasha and their fashion choices? >> that's a great question. we were talking with kate betts, the woman that wrote the book on the first lady's fashion. she said if you want to know what a woman thinks about style, watch how she dresses her children. look at them yesterday. of course, they're in those beautiful vibrant colors j. crew kate spade, of course american designers that people can really relate to. it was almost like she was making a statement with those girls, just like she was in her own choices. >> even with that purple color, i think a statement was made. jan crawford thank you. we'll talk more with jason wu. he will be in studio 57 this morning to talk
wu... who also designed the white gown she still to come... president obama.. going grry? gray?the medical reason presidents go gray...faster. than the rest of us. us. you're watching foo 455morning nnws.. all locaa.. ll ornnng. ((break 55) mmmmmm. a choice of 6 skillet entrees, each with an appetizer, and dessert? whoa! no wonder they call it a complete meal. 3 courses, one diner price. complete skillet meals, starting at $8.99. only at denny's. &pbarack obama was sworn in to offthe united stttes on monday. 51-year-old leader is beginning to show his agee pells us... if you take a look atthistory, you'll find he's in good comppny. company. it happened to bill clinton, george w. bush and jimmy carter, and now it's happeningg to president obamaawhat did all tese men have in common, besides holding the highest office in the u.s.?aal of them quickly turned gray duuing word - stress."there's a condition calleddtelogen effluviuu, ann in a nut shell telogen efffuvvum is when we're losiig our haii more rapidly than we should."as the stress triggers this pondition,,it causes
. >> jon: that's terrific. we'll go to al madrigal at the white house. he is going to help us. ( cheers and applause ) al madrigal. >> jon, with many of obama's closest advisors set to leave... >> jon: i'm sorry. i'm just going to interrupt you here. i think we're all slightly distracted by... >> by my b-b-b-b-bangs jon: yes, your b-b-b-bangs you don't like them? be honest. if you're not honest, we have nothing >> jon: honestly, al, it's not my favorite look for you >> so now i'm fat jon: i didn't say that. let's go out to jason jones. he is covering things from the conservative side. jason >> thank you, jon. the clear loser today, american values. i think that the america that i grew up... >> jon: jason, you're canadian. let me finish. that i grew up above. that america is gone. i don't care for this new b-b-b-bangs american. men can marry men. single women can get health insurance on preexisting conditions. what's next? polygamy and dread locks? where does it end >> jon: you're representing that viewpoint with rue mcclanahan's look? >> this is nancy reagan. how could you not have know
boerj enger talked about odd couple in white house. >> president obama and joe biden, the odd couple of politics. >> what made it work, you go back to the days when we were competing for the nomination. all the debates we had, only two people who didn't disagree on any subject were barack obama and joe biden. we got into the deal. we didn't have what other administrations have had, where the vice president and president have a different take on the major issues of the day. totally simpatico. it went from working with each other to a real friendship. >> we know have you disagreed with the president over policy and you know how to read him pretty well. so how can you tell when you have done something that he dent like or that makes him angry? >> oh, that's easy. that's easy. we made a deal early on. when either one of us were dissatisfied, we flat tell the other person. so lunch once a week, that's when we talk. and when he's not liked something i have done, he flat tells me. >> says, joe, you shouldn't have done that. >> joe, look, i don't agree with the way you did that. why did you
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